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Are you after a complete landscaping service which can provide you with everything you need? Bluebird Landscaping’s hardworking team of skilled landscapers have been doing just this since emerging on to the scene in 2010.

With unique and innovative designs we ensure the highest quality of workmanship and customer service is maintained. Bluebird’s team of highly trained professionals are specialists in landscape construction and garden maintenance, working together with you to bring your visions to a reality.

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Paving is a great solution for any type of area, providing a flat level surface which can accommodate for any type of situation.
Whether you are considering a big open space for entertaining or just after a small side path to the bins. Paving is a quick and cost effective way of achieving these ideas.


Tiling and paving are generally both used to achieve the same purpose.
One of the main reasons tiling is more popular than paving is because tiles are laid on concrete rather than sand. This eliminates movement in the finished product such as sinking or rising. Another reason tiles are more popular is due to the fact that laying tiles on concrete eliminates weeds and grasses growing through the joins.


The art of stonework has been around for many centuries, providing extremely solid and strong structures which can easily stand the test of time.
Sandstone is one of the oldest and most versatile natural building products to still be used today, ranging from its different colours and textures to its many constructive properties.
Sandstone can provide a really amazing and unique approach to any design, which you may have in mind.

Walls & Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a great way to completely change the look of a area.
Retaining walls will maximize the space in your garden. By adding another level or two you can achieve a split-level using one as a garden and another as an entertainment area.
Retaining walls can be constructed using many different materials such as timber, bricks, blocks, sandstone, sandstone boulders etc.

Decking & Pergolas

Decking is a wonderful alternative to paving or tiling an area, as it provides a large hard surface, which can be enjoyed throughout the year and promotes a relaxed and resort -like feeling.
Decking works well with any environment, whether you are after a modern feel or a natural look. By using different types of timbers such as Merbau or Spotted Gum you can achieve any look to suit your garden. By simply oiling your deck every 6-12 months you will ensure a quality job, which will last for years to come.

Planting & Turfing

Working closely with nurseries we can provide excellent plant knowledge about any species or variety you may have in mind.
Ensuring a steady maintenance routine, we can have your garden looking perfect all year round.


Many people want a decorative driveway, and we can pave it in pavers or cobblestones. An affordable option is to accent your driveway with decorative borders, bands and an apron. We can also pave in a cost-effective material such as gravel, asphalt or concrete. These driveway accents can be made with flagstone, cobblestone, brick, pavers, stamped concrete, landscape timbers, or even grass or ground cover.


We do excavation work and solve problems caused by rocky ground and grading. Some surfaces require excavation and underground layers can have gravel and drainage structures hidden underneath. We look after all your excavation needs, planning with all safety measures. When we prepare the site for paver installations, we remove all existing plants, lawn and constructed elements down to the level of undisturbed soil. We excavate down to the depth dictated by the design plan for the project.


Our Maintenance service includes Lawn care and Garden care, including Mowing, Pruning, Weeding, and Mulching. We provide a manual weeding service for smaller jobs and are equipped with the latest powered equipment for large-scale clearing jobs.